Hail the Queen lyrics

Hail the Queen

Queen of Hearts:
To be a proper subject one must ever proper be
And not just when the monarchs dropping by for tea
Which by the way reminds me was my invitation lost

White Rabbit:
Perhaps the palace mailroom got the signals crossed

Queen of Hearts:
Well in either case they face disgrace so
Lets begin the executions (yes in either case they face disgrace, all hail the queen)
And you young lady who are you
I don?t believe we?ve met

I?m from the land of credit cards and endless debt

Queen of Hearts:
I see that sounds an awful place
No wonder you?ve come here
No matter here or there let me make one thing clear
If you anger me there?ll be no tea and
Very little sympathizing (there will be no tea says her majesty all hail the queen)

White Knight:
Your majesty is right of course

Queen of Hearts:
Of course I am I am the source
And will not trouble those who disagree

White Knight:
Like tweedledum and tweedledee
She will heartedly agree your highness

I do agree your majesty
If I agree is there a fee?

There will be if you sing the song appease

White Knight:
We crave a boon from you my queen
More of a royal favor

Rather large or small or none at all
You must be careful what you wish for (whether large or small or none at all)

All hail the queen

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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