Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure synopsis

Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story takes place in New York. A woman, who works as a writer, moves here with her daughter to have rest from her husband. The young girl is upset because of their moving. Everything turns to be different than the main heroine has expected. The author receives a letter from the editor, where it is said that her book is too gloomy for kids.

While the main character is sleeping, the white rabbit comes to her place and leads her to Wonderland. She meets very strange people and other creatures in that place. The woman is trying to understand, why she is here. She finds an unknown potion drink.

The heroine meets a caterpillar on her way. She gets the advice to follow a cat in order to find answers about whom she really is. The cat thinks he is invisible, but the truth is that he has lost that power and nobody tells him. Two of them see a knight on the way to the white rabbit. Together with his companions, he promises to protect the woman from danger and invites her to visit a party.

At the party, she meets a strange woman in a hat. He is sure that the main character wants to rule this land. But suddenly the real queen appears and announces her total leadership. Those, who disagree, will have their heads cut off. The main character offers to present a new kingdom for her. All the heroes decide to help the writer to come back home. The woman in a hat is angry, as her plans are going to be ruined. She wants to have a revenge on the woman. Together with a hare, she goes to the room of the main heroine’s daughter and convinces her to come with them to reunite the family. She agrees and becomes a prisoner. The other characters make a decision to help the writer to save a girl.

A little girl is locked in the highest dungeon. Soon she captures those, who tried to help the main heroine. The rabbit tells that he is able to bring the time back using his watch. The woman meets the author of her favorite story, who advices her to write something that is truly important for her.

The woman in a hat is going to cut the heads off. The queen agrees with this decision. The author leads the main heroine to that place. She finds a young herself there and finally understands the purpose of her being in that place. She should love and accept herself as she was and is.

The prisoners do everything to run away. They bring the guards back to their real state of mind. The woman in a hat is left defenseless. The writer finds out that that evil woman is her alter ego, which has appeared, when she has not come to the Wonderland because of her mother’s death. Thus, this personality was formed with all the bad moments in her life. The Queen knows about the plans of the alter ego to kill her and sends her to the underworld. When the main character tries to save her, the knight is sent to the same place, trying to protect her. The woman with her daughter now can come back home, but they are upset because of the death of the knight.

Two of them wake up and see the father of the family, who has brought a doll for the girl. The woman understands that she has everything; she needs, and finally feels happy.
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