I Will Prevail lyrics

I Will Prevail

A child believes the best in you,
And that belief
Always makes the darkest lies
Seem almost true.
With slight of hand,
This almost truth
Can beguile the purest youth
To Wonderland.

Now every piece is in place
And all that’s left to erase
Before I take over all the power,
Is every trace of dear Alice
Then the Queen,
She’s been a thorn in my side
And she can run but can’t hide
We’re fast approaching
The witching hour
And settling scores
Is my routine.

Oh well, all’s well ends well,
Farewell Alice!
Too late,
Checkmate is your fate -
It’s over!
I come alive
When you’re afraid!
I’ll write the ending
Of your tragic Fairytale,
I will survive,
And you will fade.
A withered flower small and frail,
While I prevail.

This time it’s gonna be me
The last thing you’ll ever see,
An Armageddon of my devising,
There’s no way you can escape
From what I do.
So leave your half-hearted souls
For me to bully and rule,
The sly magician
Of compromising,
To conjure all that is false
Until it’s true.

Poor Jack, black Jack
Sad sack, fallen Hero,
Bad news, you lose,
Light the fuse,
It’s over!
You die, I thrive
And so it goes.
I am the ending
Of your tragic Fairytale,
I will survive,
And Heaven knows
There is no way that I can fail,
I will prevail!
Last Update: January, 16th 2014

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