Down the Rabbit Hole lyrics - Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure

Down the Rabbit Hole lyrics

Down the Rabbit Hole

Elevator Voice:(spoken) Down we go!
Alice: (spoken) Oh my god who are you?
Elevator Voice: Just look out below...
Alice: Fear and doubt, freaking out! dropping way too fast!
Elevator Voice: (spoken) Just relax, enjoy the view!
Alice: (spoken) You've got to be kidding me!
Elevator Voice: (laughing) Relax
Alice: How long will this last? Down and down I go to god knows where!...
Elevator Voice: It's a special place, with a lot space and, special people!
Alice: Down I go although, when I get there! (spoken) can you tell me when I'll get home again?
Elevator Voice: Well that's really up to you!
Alice: What a fall, could it be what I see, isn't real at all?
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