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Why Can't I? lyrics

Why Can't I?

Why must I live under such inane authority?
Why, they don’t even understand the simplest history.
They spout the Holy Scriptures as if it were sacred truth.
Why must this be the way I have to waste my youth?

Life was made for dancing under a moonlit, starry sky.
If other girls go dancing, then dammit why can’t I?
Why must I be living under their narrow-minded roof?
If there really is a God, why can’t they show me proof?
Why am I the fated daughter of such pompous piety?
Why must I be forced to swallow such religiosity?
Life was made for living every moment til you die,
So dammit why can’t I?

Why can’t I become a brilliant actress on the stage?
The only acting I’m allowed is when
I’m told to act my age!
Life was made for dreaming,
Trusting that you can touch the sky,
So dammit why can’t —

I’m seventeen, so what does that mean?
What is seventeen supposed to be?
Prim and proper, polite and pristine?
Well, that may be a great life for some girls,
But it’s no life for me!
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