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Moses and Pharaoh lyrics

Moses and Pharaoh

Somewhere in the land of the pyramids, lost in the sands of time, lived the most powerful ruler the world has ever seen. This is the tragic tale of the prince of the Nile, the son of Ra, the pharaoh of Egypt.

And the miraculous tale of the God of Israel's deliverer - Moses.
Now God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and say: “Let my people go”. So Moses did what God, Yahweh, the creator of all commanded, and he went over there to Pharaoh and he said:”Let my people go”.

Yes, but Pharaoh had a different plan.

Come little brother, now can't you see?
I'm working hard to build a dynasty.
This is how our king behaves.
What's a king without his slaves?

He has millions of people, some of us speak and some of us serve.
Here too, abuse and abuse,
You'll never let us go.

No, I'll never let them boy. Aye!

Let my people go or God will send plagues.

What kind of plagues?

Bad stuff that's gonna cause misery and suffering, worse than anything you and your people have ever known.

Ooh, like what?

Like turning this mud into a river overflowing in blood.

And God turned the Nile into blood.

That's good. Really good. Pretty hard to believe. What else have you got up that bed when sleeve?

Frogs! And big ol' nasty necks! And flies, boils and hell, locus and darkness! And death to your livestock and your firstborn son! And you ain't gonna like that one bit.

And God sent the plagues!

Oh, alright, Moses. Have it your way.

The God who calls us the chosen race
Will lead us all to the holy place
And by His mighty hand
Lead us to the promised land
For He will free us at least,
Comfort and feed us, help us grow
He won't let you defeat us,
Let my people go!

And God parted the Red Sea for His people!

Let my people go!
God will provide
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