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For Such a Time as This lyrics

For Such a Time as This

I didn't choose this journey, I'm on.
This journey was chosen for me.
I didn't ask for this task I've been given.
And I'd give it up gratefully.
If I could, I would.

But I won't, I can't

All of the broken lives with all of their broken dreams
Coming down the aisles in steady streams
With all of their broken hearts
and all of their broken limbs
clinging to miracles, singing their hymns

These are the hapless, helpless people
huddled beneath my makeshift steeple
Longing for healing, longing for peace
Desperately seeking some kind of release
From the pain and hopelessness at such a time as these

Good people of Los Angeles, there is a woman in our midst who dares to defile the holy pulpit of God

All of the battered souls with all of their shattered dreams
Coming down the aisles in steady streams
With all of the broken ears and
all the unspoken fears
Wasting away tasting sad bitter tears
These are the searching, suffering faces
Only a loving God embraces
Longing to comfort, longing to care
Longing to free them from all the despair
And all the emptiness at such a time as these

This is what I was born for,
This is why I am here
This is what they'll be scorned for
For no one's done anything like this before

Today, January 1st, 1923, evangelist Amy Sebel McPherson defied the odds when Angelus Temple opened its doors to an overflow crowd of 10 ,000 ecstatic worshippers.

Do you have a dream?

This is an evil, beguiling, divorced woman who seduces the hearts and minds of good, unsuspecting citizens.

Did you bring that dream here with you today?

People, I warn you this day, don't be deceived by this Satanic Satan.

Well, who do you think planted that dream in your heart?

Fortify yourselves and take on the full armour of God.

And he wants that dream to come true.

Oh, as heaven is my witness, Amy Sebel McPherson will leave you straight to hell.

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