I Have a Fire lyrics - Scandalous

I Have a Fire lyrics

I Have a Fire

Some say life is but a whisper
Life is but a mist
In the end it doesn't matter what we do
But there must be a reason
I'm here, I still exist
Some explanation that cannot be dismissed
For I ache, and I feel,
And I touch, and I heal
And it's real,
It's what I'm still here to do
I have a fire, it burns deep within
Whether I am inspired or mired in sin
I have a dream, it burns in my heart
It taught me to sigh, but it turned me apart
I have a love, seared in my soul
And though I am weak,
And I lose all control
In the end, it will all make me whole

I say life surely worth the courage that it takes
To stand up every morning
And face yesterday's mistakes
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