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He Will Be My Home lyrics

He Will Be My Home

How long will you, carry?
How long will you wait?
Why wait one more moment?
Why do you hesitate?
You know in your heart what I tell you is true.
So now that you know, tell me, what will you do?

Do you know that you're precious, more precious than gold?
Your shepherd is waiting, coming to the fold.
You're here for a purpose, God makes no mistake.
And purposely he's called you here for heaven's sake.

Oh, not talking about religion.
Oh no, not at all.
I am talking about an intimate, passionate love affair with God Almighty Himself, the lover of your very soul.

His eyes are all a fire.
His tongue is all a flame.

There's lightning flashing from his lips and fingertips.
Robert Semple is his name.
I'm feeling something strange,
Something I have never known.
And I give everything I have just to have
What he has for my own,
For my very own.

Amy, where are you going?

I don't know, but I have to go.

You can't know the future, but God has a plan.
And it's when unfolding before time began.
And you can't know life, till you're never in him.
And you can't know love, till you're filled to the brim.

You can't see the wind, but you know it is there.
You feel it caress you and blow through your hair,
And you can't see God. But you know he is real,
By the need in your soul, and the ache that you feel.

Yes! Yes, the ache!

I'm taking you home.

I am home.
There's something in his eyes,
Something in his voice,
Something that's compelling me, telling me,
I have no other choice.
He will be my journey,
And anywhere I roam,
wherever I am holding him and folding him,
I will be home.

He will be my home.

Dear girl, I am so glad to see you here today. I can tell by the roses in your cheeks that God is doing a mighty work in your heart.
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