Samson and Delilha lyrics - Scandalous

Samson and Delilha lyrics

Samson and Delilha

Samson was a true man of God. He took a vow to serve the Lord, never drink alcohol and never cut his hair as a sign of his devotion. Samson got his strength from God himself. But...

Denyla had a different plan.
She was determined to have a man.
She used her powers over his physique.
She cut off his hair and rendered him weak.

Poor Samson!

And she ordered them to take him away and put him in chains.

Poor Samson!

Shame to the temple caught in her stare.
Samson repented, cried out in despair.

And God forgave him though he had done wrong.
And he reached down in mercy.
And God made Samson strong.
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