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Lost or Found? lyrics

Lost or Found?

Have you ever felt tossed and alone on a sea of despair?
Have you ever felt lost but you know that you're going nowhere?
Have you ever felt that the truth was nowhere to be found?
Have you ever felt like screaming but you can't make a sound?
Have you ever felt a hunger that can never ever be found?

Is she lost or found?
Lost or found?
Has she been baptized or has she drowned?

The Bible says the wages of sin is death.

We must accept that the Lord has taken our precious sister home.

Is she lost or found? Lost or found?
Lost or found?
It's been over a month since sister Amy disappeared but roomers about that she may be alive and where indeed is her very married sound engineer Kenneth Ormiston whose wife has reported him missing as well

Is she lost or found?
Lost or found?
Is she lost and seen or just fooling around?

Mother Kennedy it's the police calling from Mexico they found sister. She's alive! Thank god thank god.

Amy discovered unconscious in Mexico!

Amy claims she was kidnapped.

Amy Semple McPherson has perpetrated an expensive and deadly hoax on the people of Los Angeles County. The state will prove that she is a lying promiscuous hypocrite who planned her disappearance in order to spend five salacious weeks at the Benedict Cottage in Carmel with her married lover Kenneth Ormiston

Tell us was he a lover?

Where's Ormiston now?

Tell us were you in Carmel?

We have eyewitnesses

Tell us why were you hiding?
Tell the truth Tell us why would you tell?
You say you were abducted.
You say they took you away.
So tell us what did they look like?
Sister what do you say?

Please believe it's astounding
Yes I know
I was really on death row
In a shack in Mexico
Yes believe
I was lost but now I'm found

Where'd you get and where'd you go?

I swear for five weeks they threatened me
Burned me and cut off my hair
Lost in despair and prayer
I thought I'd die right there
South of the border somewhere.
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