Follow Me (Part 1) lyrics - Scandalous

Follow Me (Part 1) lyrics

Follow Me (Part 1)

What you look at that girl,
What in the world?
What in the world is she doing?
Tell me who is that girl!
Never seen her before,
What in the hell is she doing?
But whoever she is, she sure looking odd,
Looks like she's looking up there for God.
What you look at that girl, up on a stool,
Looking like some kind of fool.

Follow me, follow me,
Over way to destiny
Follow me, follow me,
Follow me, on to victory.
He's waiting there just for you,
And he's got a wondrous gift for you.
So follow me, follow me,
Follow me, on to victory.

Just from the corner, not very far,
He's waiting for you, doesn't care who you are.
Follow me now before it's too late,
Now is the moment don't hesitate,
Don't hesitate, don't hesitate.
Follow me, follow me, follow me, on to victory.

Don't anyone come with me,
All the way to calvary,
And follow me.

Sister, i'll come with you. I got nothing left to lose.

He's there for you, he cares for you.
And he knows what you're going through.
So trust him too. Do what he says he'll do.
For he cares for you.

Mother, look! It's the story of salome and john the baptist from the bible.

In a moving picture house?

God works in mysterious ways.

Excuse me, hello everybody. I just want to invite you to my meeting tomorrow.

Hey lady, get in the movie or get off the stage.

What is this that's captured them? Seduced them and enraptured them?
Could this be a new way you're leading me?
On to destiny!
Insulate the dance of the seven veils for king harrod.
Would you look at that girl?
What a word! Now what in the world is she doing?
Will she ever sit still?

Bring me the head of john the baptist!
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