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Woman To Woman lyrics

Woman To Woman

How dare you come,
I set you free to go home
So you could mother your son
Yet you set sail and you roam
And you insult me

You have a man-
His passion set him apart
He traded his life for yours
For him I softened my heart
Now you insult me!

Now worst of all
A woman sails up the thames
"The Pirate Queen" is your ship
That mad effront'ry condemns
You most of all!

(SPOKEN) Grace O'Malley! At last, the Irish sow on English ground.

(SPOKEN) She risks death at my displeasure to speak for her people...
Then speak.

Thank you, Your Majesty, it's true
You sent a mother to her son
But can't a mother and a woman come to plead
When wrongs are done?

I come to speak for Ireland's need
I ask for dignity, no more
Your leaders plunder there for greed
I do not think it's what you planned
Woman to woman, as it were,
I ask for justice for my land.

There is a time
There is an hour
For those in power
And those they have aggrieved
To put aside all pride
End what has been
Put women's hearts to use
And finally find a truce achieved
... My Queen.

(Spoken) Shall I go on?

(Spoken) Proceed.

I'll tell you now of Irish woes
My child goes hungry ev'ry night

I do not have a heart of stone,
But you defiled my precious fleet.

All of our crops gent sent to you.
How long before we starve outright?

You love a war, you pay a price.

Sadly, the men you put in charge
Despoil us everywhere they go
And disrespect our women so
To me, the most egregious crime.

If this is true, then rest assured
They will be dealt with in good time.

There is a time
There is an hour
For those in pow'r
To move beyond their ken

A time for women to behave as men
When men aren't men.

... My Queen.
Who knows the truth that we may glean?

Let's have a chair set down for Grace

Neither as chieftain-

Nor as Queen

Woman to woman, face to face.

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