Pirate Queen, The review

Pirate Queen, The Review - Broadway musical

The musical ‘The Pirate Queen’ is based on the novel by M. Livelin named ‘Grania – the King of the Irish Seas’. The theme of women's emancipation is always interesting, and in the old days, it was particularly acute. It is just right to recall that only in the early twentieth century, in England was a struggle for women's rights to participate in elections and suffrage movement had achieved its results: in 1918, in many countries, particularly in the UK and Ireland, women were given the right to elect people's representatives.

How could be not interesting the fate of the female pirate, a female leader, the one who put the well-being of her people above personal happiness?! Judging by the whisper of the audience in the hall before the premiere, they expected to see something special, because in fact – it was a drama of love between a man and a woman, a drama of love for own country, above life. And all this with the salty taste of the sea…

From the first minutes, it became clear that the team that was engaged in work on the musical, worked really hard to display on the stage hard work of seafarers of those times. Tug-of-war, raising the sails, fighting with swords, stimulating and plunging into the atmosphere of Ireland's 16th century music.

This musical – at that moment was the last joint work of A. Boublil and C.-M. Schönberg, who did everything to make the story as realistic as possible, to give the viewer to feel the pain of the protagonist. Modern women are mostly not forced to marry at the instructions of parents to secure the businesses of the two families (well, if only they don’t belong to the secular society / very rich people). The main character had to sacrifice personal happiness for the sake of the homeland. It did not break her, only made stronger.

Many beholders expressed opinion that the musical was very similar to "Les Miserables", plus two performances were based on the same historical epic formula. But The Pirate Queen was far brighter and louder, and constantly stirred Uilleann pipes and Celtic harp only saturated the plot, making it more luring and vivid. And adding a couple of words about absolutely unique and talented acting troupe, we must emphasize the tremendous acting of the main actors. Their more than 2 and a half hours of mesmerizing play captivated the viewers. May this story be far from the current time, but the real historical characters always arouse public interest and their history – a lively response.
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