Pirate Queen, The videos

Pirate Queen Prologue
Video for song: "The Pirate Queen"
Video for song: "Woman"
Video for song: "My Grace"
Video for song: "Here On This Night"
The Pirate Queen. 05.the waking of the queen
The Pirate Queen. 06. The choice is mine
The Pirate Queen. 07. Boys'll be boys
The Pirate Queen. 09. The Wedding
The Pirate Queen.10. I'll be there
The Pirate Queen.11. A Day Beyond Belclare
The Pirate Queen.12. Sail to the stars
Video for song: "I Dismiss You"
If I Said I Loved You - The Pirate Queen
Surrender - Pirate Queen
Sea of Life from The Pirate Queen
Finale - Pirate Queen
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