Finale lyrics - Pirate Queen, The

Finale lyrics


Tiernan, at last
In your embrace
How many nights
Did i dream of this face
Seeing you now
Fighting back tears –
Finally as one
After so many years?

Is this a dream,
My freedom i mean?

All part of the truce
That i struck with the queen
So let us return to home this day
An ireland we hope will at last be free
The cost was dear but it’s time that we
Put the past behind us

You are still grace

Tiernan, my dear

You look a sight

You sir as well

So much gone wrong
Yet my heart feels so light
Seeing you here, again within reach
I feel like a boy again, back on our beach
So often i recalled those days
Two children loosed on an irish shore
I see us now as we were before
If a little wiser

I fought my wars on land and sea
To be a woman strong and free
I should have learned, at journey’s start,
No woman’s free who ignores her heart

So before another hour slips past
Let’s put our feelings first, at last.

Grania and tiernan:
It’s time to stand and say once more
The words we tried to say before
I’ll say it now and i’ll swear it’s true
For once and for forever – i love you

May god bless
The bride and groom.
May he bless them both.
Their love to bloom

Grania, tiernan and ensemble
And god bless ireland
May there be god’s peace at last
In our land

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