Yesterday I Loved You lyrics - Once Upon A Mattress

Yesterday I Loved You lyrics

Yesterday I Loved You

Harry: Yesterday I loved you as never before, but please don't think me strange,
I've undergone a chance and today I love you even more!
My heart cannot be trusted, I give you fair warning:
I openly confess tonight I love you less than I will tomorrow morning!
Larken: Yesterday, you seemed as lovely to me as anyone could be;
now I see what tricks my eyes can play.
Harry: Yesterday, I must have been utterly blind or else I was out of my mind,
for I find you so much lovelier today!
Larken: Today!
Both: My heart cannot be trusted, I give you fair warning.

Harry: Larken:
I openly confess In a little while,
Just a little while
Tonight I love you less You and I will be one,
Two, Three, Four
Than I will In a little while
To- Just a little while
Mor- Such a little while
Row Tomorrow
Morning Morning

Queen: Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. That should do it. And one small pea.
The girl, where is the girl? Doesn't she know it's past her bedtime? Oh, there you are.
You look like you're ready for bed. Now, I'm sure you're going to get a good night's sleep,
and just to make certain you have no trouble drifting off, I've prepared a special treat?
Bring on the Nightingale of Samarkand!
Let's have a lullaby, birdie, nice and soft?
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