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Goodnight, Sweet Princess lyrics

Goodnight, Sweet Princess

Dauntless: (waxing clunkily poetic)
Good night, sweet princess charming, god speed, milady Fred.
The moon hangs high, the loon doth cry: "Tis time thou wert in bed."
Because tomorrow morning thou must be at thy best,
I've called upon my angel choir to sing thee to thy rest.
Angel's Voices: O list unto our evensong and slumber warm and deep,
Ladies: Just give us heed
Gentlemen: And sweet success
Ensemble: Is guaranteed but not unless
Ladies: Thou goeth to bed
Gentlemen: And getteth a good night's sleep.
Winnifred: You gotteth that right.
Dauntless: All you really need?
Winnifred: All I need
Both: Is a good night's sleep!
Dauntless: Good night, sweet princess, good night!

(Dauntless blows a kiss and leaves. Winnifred,
with the history book in her lap, begins to read)

Winnifred: "And so it was that soon after his encounter with the dragon Fafner,
young Prince Waldere fell into the enchanted mud and, before long, his head grew back, hmmm,
whereupon he married the Princess Gunthere?
and they lived happily ever after."
(She closes the book) We'll I'm glad.
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