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Very Soft Shoes lyrics

Very Soft Shoes

Jester: So indulge me if I pause to raise my chalice to a quaint and charming dance
he used to do, in the days when my dear father played the palace back in 1392.
My dad was debonair and quite as light as air in his very soft shoes.
How he could dip and glide and skip and slide. In his very soft shoes.
I used to stand and watch him ev'ry day, he was always smooth and cool.
I used to love to hear the people say, "He's a regular dancing fool!"
He barely touched the ground, and never made a sound, but I've noticed in all his reviews,
that when he took his bow to the crowd and the crown the crowd went crazy
and the house came down!
When daddy wore his very soft shoes.

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the King of the Dancing Jesters!

(A Silver Jester appears behind scrim. Our Jester and the Silver Jester
perform a mirror dance. Towards the end of the dance, the Silver Jester
gives the stage to our Jester, and watches him finish the dance.)

Jester & Ensemble: And when he took his bow to the crowd and the crown,
the crowd went crazy and the house came down!

Jester: When daddy?
Ensemble: Daddy?
Jester: Wore his?
Ensemble: Wore his?
Jester: Very?
Ensemble: Very?
Jester: Soft
Ensemble: Shhhhhhh?.
Jester: Shoes!

(By now Lady Larken has returned to confront Sir Harry. She didn't want to leave)

Larken: Harry. Do you still love me?
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