Finale lyrics - Once Upon A Mattress

Finale lyrics


All: How did she stay awake? That pea was awf'lly small!

(the Jester has pulled back the top mattress and now removes jousting equipment:
shields, swords, maces, war clubs, antlers, etc.)

Jester: But it wasn't the pea!
Minstrel: It wasn't the pea!
King: It wasn't the pea?
Sir Harry: It wasn't the pea!
All: It wasn't the pea at all! Oh life is grand!
It's very int'resting, we think we understand, we think we think we know,
it's very int'resting? Thank you, princess, and princess we love you so!

(Dauntless helps Winnifred up onto the bed where she appears to collapse)

All: For a princess is a delicate thing, delicate and dainty as a dragonfly's wing.
You can recognize a lady by her elegant air, but a genuine princess..

(Winnifred tosses and turns until the pea is removed. Then she snores happily)

All: Is exceedingly rare!

The End
Last Update: June, 26th 2013

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