Normandy lyrics - Once Upon A Mattress

Normandy lyrics


Minstrel: Beyond the wall which you must climb?
Larken: Climb?
Minstrel: It's twenty-two feet and covered with slime.
Larken: Slime?
Minstrel: And infested with spiders!
Larken: Spiders?
Minstrel: Oh, the spiders are sweet compared to the snakes!
Larken: Snakes?
Minstrel: On the other side!
Jester: Well, they won't hurt you, unless of course you insist on leaving alone? and now!
Larken: Well, I did. But if I'd known it was so terrible out there?
Minstrel: Then you'd think a second thought and come with me.
I know all the secret ways to set you free, over the hills and to the open sea!
Larken: Open sea? But where?
Minstrel: Normandy?
Larken: Normandy? But why?
Jester: Because? it's out of the castle. Out of the country.
And safe, where no one knows you.
Larken: Safe!
Jester: And besides?
Minstrel & Jester: Normandy is fine and fair so Normandy is where we'll go!
Minstrel: I can show you a beach where the peach blossom blows,
Jester: And I know how to reach a man who knows
Minstrel & Jester: A man who knows a cozy inn,
Minstrel: A friendly place
Minstrel & Jester: With rows of windows facing the sea!
This time of year the air I hear is rare and clear and warm in
Minstrel: I know a meadow covered with mustard flowers golden as the sun,
Jester: Where a wond'rous thing can happen when an April day is done.
Minstrel: There's a moment after the twilight
Minstrel & Jester: When the sky is suddenly green,
and the world stands hushed and waiting for the first white stars to convene.
Minstrel: When you see that emerald sky,
Jester: (echo) When you see that emerald sky,
Minstrel: You'll know to reason why
Jester: (echo) And know the reason why
Minstrel: There's not another
Jester: (echo) No other
Minstrel & Jester: Place I'd rather be! Keep your el dorado? and to hell with burgundy!
Come fly with me, come try those wings, come swift for we have things to do?
Larken: Is there truly a beach where the peach blossom blows?
Are you sure you can reach that?
All three: ?Man who knows that man who knows

That cozy inn?
There's Jessamine and?
That friendly Place
White lilac lace and?

With Minstrel & Jester:
Rows of windows Rows of windows
Facing the sea? Facing the sea?

All three: This time of year the air I hear is rare and clear and warm?

Minstrel & Jester: Don't be afraid!
Larken: It's warm?
Minstrel & Jeste: Heaven was made

All three: In Normandy
Jester: In Normandy
Minstrel: In Normandy
Larken: In Normandy
All three: In Normandy!
Queen: Charming! Let the ball begin!

(To ensure Winnifred's failure, the Queen schedules an exhausting dance
to tire her out on the night of her big sleep)
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