Spanish Panic lyrics - Once Upon A Mattress

Spanish Panic lyrics

Spanish Panic

(The dance starts and proceeds wildly. The Queen and Merton move out of the way.
The dancers stop.)

Queen: No, no, no! More, more, more!

(They continue to dance in every conceivable dance style.)
Dance, dance, dance or die!

(At the end of the dance everyone collapses except Winnifred. "Let's do it again,"
she announces. Afterwards, she asks Dauntless for a clue about what the test might be.
He doesn't know, but he knows (hopes) she will pass)

Winnifred: By the way, Dauntless, I don't think I ever told you?
my full name is Winnifred the Woebegone. But Winnifred's too formal.
You can call me by my nickname.
Dauntless: Winnie?
Winnifred: Fred.
Dauntless: Fred! What a beautiful name! So straight? so strong? so you!
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