Once Upon A Mattress review

Once Upon A Mattress Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on H. C. Andersen’s tale. Initially, production was a short play, which was written for the production in the summer camp. The future director, J. Sydow, was there. Some time after he has decided to extend the production to the bigger stage. The 1st reviews on the preliminaries were mixed, as it happens very often. Subsequently, the actors and critics were surprised by the sustained popularity of this show in the audience. Staging was often included in the repertoires of school theaters and small ensembles.

Black-and-white recording of performance broadcasted on television five years after the premiere of the musical on the stage. Almost all the actors of the original Broadway production took part in it. Colored musical recording was demonstrated in 1972. In 2005, there was another broadcast on television of revised version. This musical has been amended in the plot, and the role of the minstrel was almost completely cut out. Record was released on DVD. Musical, lasted on Broadway in 1997, with the final show has received fees for 1 week in the amount of 202,058 dollars.

Off-Broadway production in 2015 has received positive reviews from critics. They highlighted Jackie Hoffman, who played Princess Winnifred. Actress of comic roles for a long time already perform leading roles in various productions. Her powerful voice does not fit to her fragile appearance, giving own salt with it. Therefore, critics warn that the impact of singing of the actress on the audience may be extremely strong. Special contrast occurs when Jackie appears on stage with actor John ‘Lypskina’ Epperson, performing the role of Queen Aggravain.

Through the work of K. Rohe, who created unique costumes for performance, the difference between simple princess and majestic ruler turned very significant. With the help of video projections of illustrations of children's books on the scene, storytelling kingdom became more real. Technical support has been provided by A. Lazarow. Choreography of S. Rink allowed actor D. Greenspan to express clearly the desires of his character, in spite of the minimal set of lines in his role. Thanks to this, the pantomime of the king was a matter of particular interest of the public. Staging included vigorous dances, melodious songs and vaudeville plot twists.
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