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In a Little While lyrics

In a Little While

Don't despair, Larken, for we have plenty of time.
If a true princess is not found in the next few months,
I will go out and find one myself?
But, Harry, I'm going to have a baby. (Harry is stunned)
So you see a princess for dauntless must be found?and
soon? or I shall have to go away somewhere.
(Bravely) No! You'll stay here!
Why should we both have to suffer all our lives
just because you had a moment of weakness?
Oh Harry! (She throws herself into his arms.)
We're none of us perfect. Everything's going to be all right.
Thank you, Harry.

It won't be long, it won't be long,
It won't because it can't be long before our dreams come true.
Because you know I don't belong and furthermore
I shan't belong to anyone but you.
In a little while, just a little while,
You and I will be one two, three, four.
In a little while I shall see your smile on the face of my son to be;]
forever hand in glove is the way I have it planned,
but I'll only stay in love if the glove contains your
I can see it all down to every small detail:
So I wish you'd look around until you've found a castle in the neighborhood for
Oh, I already have! It's tiny, only 27 rooms, and the moats a mess?
but we can pick it up for a sonnet.
My time is at a premium for soon the world will see me a maternal bride to be.
I know I musn't worry, Harry, Still I wish you'd hurry, Harry, Harry, Marry me!
In a little while, just a little while, you and I will be one two, three, four.
In a little while I will see your smile on the face of my son to be;
Forever hand in glove is the way I have it planned,
I have it planned
But I'll only stay in love
If the glove contains your hand.
Oh Harry!
In a velvet gown you'll be coming down the aisle?
I'll be humming?
And it's bound to seem as though the waiting's only been a little in a little while.

(Dauntless is beginning to think that his mother doesn't want him to get married.
Nonsense, she explains, she wants him to marry, but only if he marries a genuine
bonafide princess)

Sir Harry made a perilous journey over the mountains,
across the badlands and into the marshland where the beautiful Swamp Lily grows.
It took three weeks, and Lady Larken had all but given up hope
that he would find a true princess.
Then, one sunny morning in mid-April,
when the crocuses were just beginning to dot the meadows,
the lookout in the north round tower spied
two distant figures approaching at a full gallop.
The alarm was spread: "sir Harry is back!
Sir Harry is back with the new princess!"
Now let's see. How does this part go in the old story?
"On a stormy night to the castle door came the lass the prince had been waiting for?"
That, of course, is utterly untrue.
It didn't storm that night at all.
In fact it wasn't even night.
And the princess only looked as though she'd come in from a storm.

You swam the moat?
All right, I was a little anxious.
My friend, Sir Harry? he told me you had an opening for a princess.
Any princess.
I figured? the early bird! Oh, anyway, here I am.
Who's the lucky man?
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