Once Upon A Mattress synopsis

Once Upon A Mattress Synopsis - Broadway musical

The ruler of ancient realm was speechless because of the damnation. Ruler could only speak when ‘the mouse will destroy falcon’. Ahead of his country stood Queen named Aggravain. A minstrel sang a song about the princess & the pease. He knew the whole truth about this telling. She has been already 13th candidate that had to undergo tests to become a fiancée for the local dynast. Minstrel came on that day when 12th contender has not handled the probation. The inhabitants of the country could not marry because the Queen has introduced a ban on espousing. They will be able to play weddings only when their prince marries. Sir Harry knows that his girlfriend Lady Larken was pregnant. But he could not marry her because Aggravain’s decree. Knight decided to find a decent girl for the Prince. Queen released Sir Harry on a quest only after the interpellation of son of him.

Winnifred was so desperately willing to become the future bride that even swam across the trench. A girl has charmed prince & knights, but she aroused only hatred in Aggravain. Ruler discovered that his lover Mrs. Larken is expecting. He talked about it with a jester & minstrel, taking their promises not to tell anyone else about her pregnancy. Aggravain, along with the magician, has developed tryouts for female candidate for her son. She decided to understand if a girl would be susceptible enough to become a bride for a dynast. Queen put a peas under 20 squabs. If Winnifred will asleep on such a bed, she will not pass the test. Meanwhile, the girl told the prince & his court ladies about her house, located in the marshes. Soon she met with Ruler.

Princess accidentally broke a rare vase. Lady Larken considered her a maid, as she began to clean up the debris. Because of this, she had a quarrel with Sir Harry & promised to get away from him as far as possible. King and his associates decided to halt the lady, but failed to convince her to stay. The Queen made the candidate to fulfill the most continuous dance in the whole world ever. But Winnifred easily passed that test. She wondered from the young dynast, through which test she has to undergo the next time. Prince Dauntless showed her barbell, which no one of the contenders was unable to elevate. A girl easily held her aloft. The young man fell in love with the girl, as he himself could not even elevate the weight. The princess told him that back in her home, everyone called her Fred. She began to reflect, what the next tryout shall she pass. Prince admitted through the song in love to her.

At night, the Queen led the ladies & knights in the chamber to female candidate – they carried 20 mattresses. King, jester, minstrel & Lady Larken, dressed in a suit, faced with the process & they were immediately detained. At the dawn, the musician was supposed to be expelled out of the castle. Princess advised Lady to reconcile with Sir Harry. Minstrel & jester managed to find out from a wizard, what will be the next test for candidate. The princess could not sleep because of the mounds on the bed. In the morning the queen told her son that test for the contender are already over & told about the pea. When the prince saw sleepy girl, he rejoiced – Winnifred passed the test, as she couldn’t sleep well in the night. The Queen tried to protest, but her son could not resist it anymore. Prince ordered the mother to shut up. & then the curse has left the mute King – now his wife could not speak, not him. There were no more obstacles between Winnifred & Dauntless. It was found out that the king & his associates planted sharp objects in mattresses – that’s why the princess was unable to sleep. Then the jester took them out of bed. She was able to sleep properly only when the prince got out of bed also a pea.
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