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I'm Alive lyrics

I'm Alive

I am what you want me to be
And I'm your worst fear, you'll find it in me
Come closer
Come closer

I am more than memory, I am what might be
I am mystery
You know me
So show me
When I appear it's not so clear if I'm a simple spirit or I'm flesh and blood

I'm alive, I'm alive, I am so alive
And I feed on the fear that's behind your eyes
And I need you to need me, it's no surpise
I'm alive, so alive
I'm alive.

I am flame and I am fire
I am destruction, decay, and desire
I'll hurt you
I'll heal you
I'm your wish, your dream come true
And I am your darkest nightmare too
I've shown you
I own you

And though you made me, you can't change me
I'm the perfect stranger who knows you too well

I'm alive, I'm alive I am so alive
And I'll tell you the truth if you let me try.
You're alive, I'm alive, and I'll show you why
I'm alive, so alive

I'm alive
I'm right behind you.
You say forget but I'll remind you.
You can try to hide but you know that I will find you.
'Cause if you won't grieve me, you won't leave me behind.
Oh, how, oh

No, no, no
I'm alive, I'm alive, I am so alive.
If you climb on my back then we both can fly
If you try to deny me, I'll never die
I'm alive, so alive
I'm alive
Yeah yeah
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive

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