Next to Normal review

Next to Normal Review - Broadway musical

This is a story about a woman who could not bear the heavy loss. She refused to accept her son's death and continued to communicate with him as with the living person. The disease did not allow Diana to realize the surrounding reality and supported her false visions. At first, there is an impression that all is well in the Goodman’s family. But after the housewife starts to make the sandwiches non-stop, to the viewer comes understanding that in front of him is the sick woman. Love of family helps her feel her illness as real and to fight with it, but gradually Diana realizes that her husband and daughter experience hardships to live with her. She tries to find a new method of treatment by refusing medications. Replacing her current physician, the woman decides to make the hypnosis. Gradually she comes to the conclusion that her son has to go away. But, deciding to gather things up, which were reminding her about Gabe, Diana falls into the trap of her hallucinations. When the son asked his mother to go with him, she tried to commit suicide. The subconscious has told her that only in this case the woman will be able to see Gabe.

When Diana started treatment with electroshock therapy, this destructively effected on her memory. Having forgotten 19 last years of her life, a housewife, however, continued to feel that she had lost something very important. When she took the music box, it brought back memories of her son. Soon she realized that the problem was not in the sick mind, but suffering soul. Only she could ease the torments that plagued her for years from inside. This was the reason for leaving the women from the family. Only this way Diana could deal with her mental wounds. After wife left, Dan suddenly realized that he did not deal up with his son's death also. The pain of loss was still felt in the father's heart. Only the man did not realize it fully because he was always busy taking care of his wife.

Musical raises very important themes of love, patience and understanding. It seems that on the stage are ordinary people – so qualitatively actors transformed into their characters. During the performance, they make the audience experience the full range of feelings and emotions. Clear voices of performers further immerse the viewer in the action of this production. The fate of the sick woman and her family is truly strong. A similar story could happen in any part of our planet. That is why a musical experienced success in the 20 countries of the world. This story is very humane but heavy for unprepared mind, extra-gloomy. Empathy to protagonist of the play helps the viewer to look deep inside self.
Last Update:June, 13th 2016

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