Next to Normal synopsis

Next to Normal synopsis

Next to Normal Synopsis - Broadway musical

Diana Goodman worried about her son Gabe. Natalie comforted her mother. In the morning, the husband of Diana decided that started an ordinary day. Everything was fine until Natalie & her father saw on the kitchen’s floor lying sandwiches. While husband helped his wife with cleaning, the adolescent went to school. She stopped practicing because of Henry’s arrival – he liked a girl & how she played piano.

Diana went to see her shrink. Husband was waiting for her in the vehicle, thinking about his gloomy mood. A wife for 16 years already has suffered from hard hallucinations. Dr. tried to help his wife, but improvements were not observed. Natalie began to meet with Henry. Seeing kissing daughter, a woman suddenly realized that the best years of her are already behind. Receiving support from her son, a woman got rid of medicines.

Henry was about to dine with Goodmans. When a mother came into the room with a cake, wishing her son happy birthday, all were pretty strongly confused. The woman saw her son only in own hallucinations. The man reminded her that the boy died in infancy. Diana refused to go to the doctor. Dan asked his wife to trust him, but son appeared in front of her, who wanted mother listened to his words. Natalie quarreled with Henry & did not accept an apology of mother. Diana wanted to be treated without any drugs & went to another doctor. Husband & daughter questioned the effectiveness of such method. After a quarrel, Natalie decided to try medications of mother. New doctor suggested women to go through hypnosis. It could help to clarify the reasons for her mental disorder. Natalie has lost faith in the importance of music lessons.

Once Diana decided that she had to let go of her son. Packaging his things, she took out the music box. Gabe appeared before her. Dancing with mother, he asked her to go with him. Diana tried to commit suicide. Dan learned that electroshock therapy is applied to patients-suicides. Soon, the woman screamed at the doctor, rejecting such treatment. But her husband was able to convince her to give her consent. Diana was treated 2 weeks by shock therapy. At this time, Natalie tried drugs. Once a woman has gone through electric therapy, she was starting to lose memory about the last 19 years of her life. Henry invited Natalie to spring dances.

Using the family belongings to return the memory of Diana, Dan decided that their daughter would help them. But the woman was unable to remember anything. When Natalie got music box, the father knocked it out of the hands of his daughter, leaving his wife confused. Diana told her husband that she is worried by some uncertain memories. Soon she noticed Henry, who had come to Natalie. Diana continued to explore personal belongings. Taking the music box out, she thought of son Gabe. Dan wanted his wife to re-passed treatment. The husband broke the jukebox, returning memory to mother of her son.

Faced with the doctor, the woman realized that not her mind is hurt but the soul. Diana refused to do electroshock therapy. Natalie was upset to learn that her mother would not continue treatment. Woman first openly talked with her daughter. She called Natalie go to the dance, where she was awaited by Henry. Soon, Diana told her husband that she leaves him to understand herself. When the woman left, the invisible son stayed with Dan. The husband was very upset. The teenager said that he would always be with him. Shocked father saw his son & called him by name. Back home, the daughter found father crying in the darkness. Switching on the light, she knew what was happening. Natalie told Henry that mother went to her parents & for the first time in many years, she felt hope.
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