Unbelievable lyrics - Mr. Saturday Night

Unbelievable lyrics


Unbelievable, its my last best chance kid, and don't I know it
Unbelievable, what if I screw up, lose my head and blow it?
Finally got the shot to be all I hoped I would
I'll be unbelievably, good

Unbelievable, that at my age all my bells ain't rung yet
Unbelievable, lady luck gave me a kiss, with tongue yet
Just when you think that show biz has you on the ropes
Come on in for the knock out
Here comes the final, win you the title

[Verse 1]
Unbelievable, if you do the work and we play our cards right
This could take us all the way!
Hold that second mortgage and second childhood
We'll be unbelievably
They want him, that's a miracle, don't screw this up too
He's happy, that's a miracle let his dream come true
I'm sober, that's the miracle,Jesus take the wheel
Why can't we share this miracle, cut us in the deal
He'll emerge triumphant or out of body
This chance won't happen again so, come on Buddy!

[Verse 2]
Got to be prepared
There's so much to plan
Got a heart-attack, need my quarterback
I gotta call Stan...
[Phone call]
Hello, operator
This is a collect call for Stan Yankleman from his Uncle Mo
I accept
Stan, it happened!
The big break
What, your head?
No, Larry Meyerson is directing a movie and he wants me in it!
Oh, my God!

Unbelievable, I'll make good on every broken promise
Unbelievable, flip the bird to every doubting Thomas
Get your can back home, now I can't do this alone
You and me combined, they can't stop our mothers
The Yankleman brothers
Unbelievable, just like that I'm hooked and we're back in business
Help me, here I go again

I'm back! It's unbelievable
He's back! It's unbelievable
Stop the presses and shine the statue
Cause Buddy Young will be coming at you
Unbelievably good
I'll be unbelievably, good
I'm gonna be so fucking good
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