Maybe It Starts With Me lyrics - Mr. Saturday Night

Maybe It Starts With Me lyrics

Maybe It Starts With Me

All of my life I've lived under his shadow
Even now
Fighting these fights I never can win
And he gets his way right under my skin
I keep hoping one day things will be different
Don't ask how
He'll finally be the father I wish he'd be
Facing the problem logically
Maybe it's time I finally see
Okay, I get it
Maybe it starts with me
Remember how he made you cry on your birthday?
Yeah, well, so?
All these old memories dragging you down
How long you gonna lug them around?
Mom would always take his side and protect him
Let it go
Save it up for your memoirs or set it free
Plenty of people live with pain
Don't throw their whole lives down the drain
If I'm a screw-up
Maybe it starts with me

Okay, so they weren't the parents I wanted
That's pretty clear
Well, let's be honest, I haven't exactly been
Daughter of the year

So, here I go, starting now, starting over
Wish me luck
Somebody said as long as there's life there is hope
Maybe I'll find the way I lost
I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed
The way I've been going, I can't defend it
This war between us, who's gonna end it?
Christ, what a concept
Maybe, maybe it starts with me Last Update: July, 18th 2022

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