I Still Got It lyrics - Mr. Saturday Night

I Still Got It lyrics

I Still Got It

[STAN, spoken]
Buddy, if it's over, let it be over.

[BUDDY, spoken]
Not like this, Stan.
Look at me, Stan
They left me for dead
So now what the hell have I got?
So let's make a plan
Maybe instead
This could lead to one more shot
Stan, you know I know you know I can do it
In my bones, nothing to it
I'll be funny 'til the day I die
Sure I'm old, but look, my mic hand is steady
Still upright and I'm ready
Do I pack away the tux and tie
And lie here growing fungus?
That's what they want me to do
I'm nowhere, Stan
But nowhere nearly through
I wanna show those bastards

I still got it
I still got it
Stan, all I need is a shot
I still got it
I still got it
You can choke on all the its that I got

No mor? playing brisses and bar mitzvahs
Sundays at the Szechuan buff?t
All that starts changing tomorrow when I'm on "Today"
I wanna hear 'em say

And he's still got it
Yes, he's still got it
Lungs you can't lift with a crane
I still got it
I still got it
And not just for me but Elaine
All dolled up
And looking like a million
The light there in her eyes I used to see
She ain't got it easy
Let's face it, she's married to me
But we could show her

Oh, Stan
What I was way back then
I could have that back again
I could be, still could be
That guy
That guy

Come on Stan, our work ain't done here
Look, life is passing us by
I got one more shot before I die
We're gonna hear 'em sayin'

He's still got it
He's still got it
Still got the goods, got the juice

[BUDDY, spoken]
Follow me, Stan!
He's still got it
He's still got it

I got it coming out my caboose
Write my sitcom, "Here Comes Buddy!"
Jerry Seinfeld has a fuckin' cow

We're Abie and Stan
Just like we began

And nothing and no one and nobody's stopping me
Still got it! Last Update: July, 18th 2022

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