What If I Said? lyrics - Mr. Saturday Night

What If I Said? lyrics

What If I Said?

What if I said that I'm here 'cause I believe in you?
What if I said that I know life's been unfair?
What if I said I don't pity you, you mean old cranky bastard
But you're funny, and your kind of funny's rare
What if I said we could both make something happen here?
What if I asked for some faith here in advance?
Just let me go to bat for you
I think it's time you got your due
And I could be your second chance
[BUDDY, spoken]
Listen, kid, you don't know what you're getting involved in with me.

What if I said let me loose and watch what I can do?
What if I said so I'm young, cut me some slack?
What if I said that it's time the world saw
What we both are made of?
So Phil Gussman and Phil Silvers, watch your back

[BUDDY, spoken]
Phil Silvers is dead.

What if I said that I promise not to let you down?
What if I said Buddy, what have we got to lose?
You should be up there with the greats
The start of your second act awaits
The future can be yours to choose
If you're like me, you've worked and waited
Chronically underestimated
Why just sit moping, hoping we're asked to dance?
I think we both deserve a second chance
I think we both deserve a second chance Last Update: July, 18th 2022

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