There's A Chance lyrics - Mr. Saturday Night

There's A Chance lyrics

There's A Chance

I'm not high or in jail
I don't need to make bail
I'm not pregnant, I swear, I'm just glowing
With excitement I can't keep from showing
'Cause it looks like I may have a job

There's an opening slot
For a permanent spot
And they gave me a definite maybe
Of course, everyone else is baby
It's not grand but I won’t be a snob
There's a chance
There's a chance
I’ll be finally using my skills
I could make my own way
But you’ll still pay my analyst bills

There's a chance
There's a chance
I might finally see something through
And if I g?t this chance
There’s a chanc? you'll be proud of me too

It's in PR.

[BUDDY, spoken]
Puerto Rico?

[SUSAN, spoken]
No, dad, ugh. Public relations.

[BUDDY, spoken]

[ELAINE, spoken]
Oh, honey, that's—that could be wonderful.
I'd be in a good space
I could get a nice place
With a roommate or two if I need to
And who knows what else it could lead to
Once I get that job in my midst!

Nicer clothes I could buy
I could meet a nice guy
One who isn't a cheat or a stealer
Or gay, or my boss, or my dealer
Man, my picker's sure been on the fritz!

There's a chance
There's a chance
Though I know nothing's written in stone
It may be that I am not fated to die
Bitter, broke, and alone

There's a chance
There's a chance
That my life could be happy somehow
Had this stuff with the feds and my meds
But I'm much better now

[BUDDY, spoken]
What's it pay?
[SUSAN, spoken]
Ha, there it is, you see? I'm leaving.

[BUDDY, spoken]
Don’t leave. It's a normal question about a job. What does it pay?

[SUSAN, spoken]
It pays ten cents a year, okay? That's what it pays. It pays ten cents a year.

[BUDDY, spoken]
Okay, that’s something. It’s ten cents more than you made last year.

Why, after I came back from my latest slip
I managed to pick up my ninety day chip
Do you put a price tag on what I’m worth?
Now, here comes this chance for a job in my line
It's nothing fancy but it would be mine
You've ruined my first forty years on this earth

That's all you’re allowed
You don't get the pleasure of making me cry
If you can't be proud
Can’t you just lie?

There's a chance
There's a ch—-
Ugh, why am I wasting my breath?
I'm spinning my wheels
It's okay, no big deal
Hey, it's just life or death

There's a chance
There's a chance
I might finally see something through
I'm not taking drugs
And I'm not robbing banks
And if I get this job
By the seat of my spanx
It'll be no thanks to you!

[ELAINE, spoken]
Susie, stay!

[SUSAN, spoken]
Not a chance!
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