Broken lyrics - Mr. Saturday Night

Broken lyrics


So you needed me back
So I gave up my own life and tough
But no matter how much that I give you
It's never enough
Then you do one more terrible thing
That I'm forced to defend
Where does it end, Abie?
Where does it end?

God knows I tried
But something inside is broken
I gave up my life to help you
And you don't care
You break my heart
You don't have a clue
You just go and make it all about you
You're broken, broken, broken
And you say that you'll change, you'll be different this time
But you won't
That you value my help, but come on
We both know that you don't
I'm here waiting for you
To show some sort of love in your heart
When does it start, Buddy?
When does it start?
Breaking apart, Buddy?
Breaking apart

I never learn, I always return
I'm broken
I've always known but now I can clearly see
I leave and come back
We make up and still
The cracks that we mend
Grow deeper until
We're broken, broken, broken
You and me Last Update: July, 18th 2022

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