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Thick Skin lyrics

Thick Skin

Can anybody think of something nice that they can say about a Rhino? A Rhino?
There?s no redeeming feature that endears you to this creature. Not that I know,
and I know. I?ve got no manners, I?ve got no tact. Of decency I?m bereft.
Without refinement, without much sense, what is the use of what?s left?
My talent is debatable, my ego?s uninflatable. I?m glad I?ve got thick skin.
Can anybody think of something nice that they can say about a Rhino? A Rhino?
Some trait that doesn?t cause yer to have bouts of chronic nausea in a Rhino?
A rhino? Magnetic personality can?t be found, no matter how hard one tries.
So I?ve resigned myself to the fact, all I attract is the flies! I?ve no idiosyncrasy
that won?t drive you to drink you see I?m glad I?ve got thick skin.
Some fellas once approached me to ask if they could hack a portion of my horn off as an aphrodisiac.
I told them ?it?s a fantasy I never pull the birds?.
My body language seems to speak in four letter words.
Stand close and you may notice, the bouquet of halitosis.
The record books I?ll never make cos wind?s the only thing I break!
Devoid of etiquette, grace and charm, too fond of filling my face.
If gluttony is a deadly sin I am a terminal case! Depressive rarely manic, I?m a four legged titanic.
So I?m glad I?ve got, a fair old lot, of carbuncled, sweaty and hot- thick skin!
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