Just So synopsis

Just So synopsis

Just So Synopsis - Broadway musical

The public is acquainted with very serious magician, who reads some story to his beloved one, and thereby creates a variety of animals, which are not similar to those known to man. He sends them all to receive the certain form, but one naughty creature, crab, grows huge and comes out onto land from the ocean in search of food, because it was nothing left in the sea for him, delivering a lot of inconvenience to the inhabitants of the dry land. In the eyes of the law-abiding animals, crab becomes a tyrant and they are willing to discuss it, for example, like elephants at the watering. Until there is one small, but very brave youngling of an animal declares that he wants to find the habitat of crab and to convince him of the necessity of feeding anywhere else, because the animals are angry at him. In this, one more animal helps youngling, the same mythical and stupidly fearless.

In a way, they are captivated by the storm because of the crab that throws them to some island, where people live with anthropomorphic oven, and they are on the verge of beginning of a rawfoodism, because Crab constantly flood their land, turning the soil into infertile. They begin to have dinner together and then the local rhino ran to them, complaining of his terrifyingly thick skin to run away again after some minutes pass. On the stage, there is a scene with continuing of cooking and eccentricities, and then the newcomers float away after the re-encounter with a rhinoceros. They come for another island where carnivores and herbivores coexist, and they will know that a couple of the first plans to eat a couple or more of the second, so travelers are looking for ways to inform the second ones, simultaneously coaxing a couple of them to join them in their searches.

Crab is reached by rumors that he is wanted and he himself appears in his big disguise, asking who his finders are. In good way with him, travelers fail to agree, only bringing the opposite effect – the crab now promises to make life even funnier on the sea and land. Travelers frightened of such unexpected turn of events, but still decide to continue their journey, to think through their next steps. As they move, they quarrel and one of them eventually escapes, while the second comes to the creator of this monster, to find him irritated, but able to give wise advices. One of the creations of the wizard, kangaroo, also gives smart tips which lie in the fact that the universe is giving you not what you desire, but the tools to get what you desire. Then, all sorts of strange things start to happen with the main characters, such as their kidnapping by some small predators and they are forced to fight for their lives. Other animals help them in the release. Then they all begin to swear with one another, and one of the group – the most thoughtful – offering everyone to stop it, to unite their efforts and to direct them towards solving the problem with the crab. All accept his point of view.

When they encounter a crocodile, latter tries to eat some of their group, a youngling of an elephant, and, during the attack, he pulls his nose into the trunk. At first, elephant is upset about this, but then friends say it's even more fun and he agrees.

In the end, they win the crab when the Grand Wizard shrinks him and releases back into the sea, where he is small now, and can harm nobody. All celebrate their victory.
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