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Aboriginally I lyrics

Aboriginally I

(Comes after wait a bit and before leaps and bounds.)

Aboriginally i came
From the outback
But i wanted to stay infront of the pack
I wanted to be the most beautiful marsupial
I wanted to be a star a superstar
With fans to adore me
To beg me and implore me
To worship the ground neath my feet
So i mentioned this wishin to the eldest magician who
Said he would make me complete
You see i saw myself standing apart from other creatures
Who would follow for miles in search of this beaut
So i told the old boy if he could work
His magic by five o'clock savo then that would suit

Eldest magician
Spoken: having wrestled with his lingo
I recruited yellow dingo who would change
Him but by jingo not the way that he thought
You'll be sought after all right
And the alterations might give you something to think about sport

Dingo dog
I was lying asleep all dusty in the sunshine
When i suddenly heard this voice in my head..

Eldest magician
There is a kanga who must be taught a lesson
And you are the chosen teacher

Dingo dog
It said
Well to put it politely i'm not very bright
But i knew i could teach him to run
And when you get a commission from the eldest magician
You know that something must be done

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