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Does The Moment Ever Come? lyrics

Does The Moment Ever Come?

Elephants child
Does the moment ever come
When you know that somehow you won't have to wait anymore?
Or has the answer been unravelling all the while your travelling,
To tell you what your travelling for
Does the morning ever break
When the child inside won'e have to take, another knock or a fall?
For this cloud i'm under, has made me wonder
If anyone ever really grows up atall.
Does the journey ever end
When beyone each bend there's one more bend to look around,
For the questions raised at every turn show
There's always more to learn while the path you're
Treading covers new ground
At least, that's what i've found
And if to grow up means give way
To accepting things without a say
I think i'd rather stay small
With more paths before me
They may ignore me
But in some ways i hope i'll never grow up at all
Does anyone ever really grow up at all?

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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