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Living On This Island lyrics

Living On This Island

Living on this island
Standing in the Red Red Sea
Nobody disputes me
Solitutde suits me
That's how I came to be
Living on this island
In a well-secluded cove
Happy to be single
Sharing the shingle
With this, my cooking stove
Nicely burnished
Fully furnished
With a tray to catch the crumbs
Ah, ah, ah
Heat resistant
Pan assisted
Which is why, of course, it comes
Highly recommended

Living on this island
No one to disturb the peace
Life here is enchanted
Business ungranted
While my name's on the list
Living on this island
On an acapella cove
Trouble is the crab
It has a bad habit
And floods the crops I grow
So now this venue has no menu
And my oven gets no use
Life seems harder
Empty larders
What will become of this recluse

(I'm standing idle
Seems me days are numbered
How did I get lumbered
With this mad fool
My career is blighted
Why did I deserve this
Lack of active service
I can't recall when I was last ignited)

Not one cookie
(Not one tart)
Not one pastry
(A la carte)
Not one scone for me to scone
(No scones to scoff the specials off)
It's heartbreaking
There's no baking
It's only us who get (??)
Living on this island
Living on this island
On the shores of the great grey green
Living on this island

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