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Little One Come Hither lyrics

Little One Come Hither

Great grey green
Limpopo river

Oh please excuse me for disturbing you sir
But i have only just arrived from whence i came
And as i'm new in thie promiscuous parts
I wonder if by chance you know this river's name

Little one come hither
I admire your style
This is the limpopo
And im the crocodile

Then surely you're the very creature
To ask while you have whiled away each sunny afternoon
You must have noticed where the crab likes to feed could you
Direct me to his favourite lagoon

Little one come hither
We should strike a deal
I'll give you directions
You give me a meal

Little one come hither
There is nothing to fear
Come a little closer
And i will whisper in your ear
A little closer
A little closer
I think today i shall begin with-the elephants child!

Elephants voices
Silly questions
Silly questions
Silly questions

Why am i scared? How can i fall?
Birds take the air in their stride after all
Birds take the air in their stride....

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