Please Don't Touch My Stove lyrics - Just So

Please Don't Touch My Stove lyrics

Please Don't Touch My Stove

Please don't touch my stove
It's all i have
My only treasure trove
So precious i will gladly face your charge no matter
What my crime as long as you don't try to come between my and my primus

But what about my skin? It's all i have to keep myself within
But look at it all wrinkled up and more contorted than a worm is
However could you do this to a rhino's epidermis

Why do we torment eachother so?
Respect is all we need to show
To make a friend out of the foe
There we live united by the loam
The fringe of beaches that we comb
It's quaint but what the heck it's home

I extend a hand
A token to bring peace back to our land
I never thought that i would see the day
When we would call a truce so i don't go on living like
That lonely mr crusoe

I extend a trotter
To compensate for being such a rotter
From now on maybe you will bake me cakes
Ill relish every bite and who knows
If i eat enough my skin once more may tighten

Now at last hostilities can stop
It's time for barriers to drop

Rhino and parsee
We both have recipies to swap

How we'll/you'll go together with aplomb
Someone to walk with on the prom
And borrow cups of sugar from

Rhino and parsee
We now get the chance

Ec and stove
You ought to grab it

Rhino and parsee
To harmonise, we're buddies at first glance

Ec and stove
Why not cohabit?

I'm resolute that from this moment on, i'll chnage the way i govern

It was all my fault for being such a sloven

Friendship has arisen from a fruit bun
In the oven

Rhino, parsee and stove
Isn't this the perfect way to leave us as our story ends

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