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Warts And All (Reprise) lyrics

Warts And All (Reprise)

Out there (somewere out there)
Someones gonna love ya (We dont know were)
someones gonna love ya (someone will care)
Warts and all (their gonna love ya warts and all)
Out there (somewere out there)
In a muddy puddle (We cant say were but someone)
someone needs a cuddle (is gonna fall for you)
tho the chance is small (the chance is small its true)
just think when ever you need boosting one day youll be roosting with a mate
(soon youll be roosting)
tho it may take some time to find them when you do youll have a ball
(we know your gonna have a ball, ball, ball, ball)
Cause out there
somewhere someones gonna love ya
warts and all
warts and all
warts and all......
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