Honk review

Honk review

Honk Review - Broadway musical

Unfortunately, it happens very often that we judge people by their outward appearance. We frequently forget that our hearts and souls are much more important than this outer picture of “façade”. This fact makes other people suffer. They start thinking they are worse than the others are and cannot be loved.

Ugly was the one, who has been neglected from his childhood. People were laughing at him, while his own parents didn’t pay attention to his being. It made him separated. And he finally believed a bad guy – the Cat. It is so common in our life. People get into so-called bad companies, because they need to have a feeling of belonging to anything.

When Ugly disappears, we see how everyone start to worry. Even the mother understands that she misses him a lot. All the characters hope to find him and regret they have been so cruel. Real life is the same. We understand the importance of people only when we finally lose them.

However, there are also positive moments in the show. The main thing is, of course, a happy end. Everyone loves it, even if it is not very true to life. Besides, there are lots of lessons, of which the musical can teach us. For example, it is necessary to remember that appearance is not the major thing in a person. Moreover, we cannot love somebody only for his or her visual look. We need to know people better. Another essential thing is to believe in yourself. Everyone deserves to be loved. And it does not matter how different you are. And the last, but not the least – everyone must be able to forgive, as we all make mistakes.

The show is worth watching by all means. It is not only the plot, but also wonderful songs and actors’ talent attract the attention of the viewers. If you want to see a beautiful, thoughtful story with deep sense – “Honk!” is just what you need.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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