The Blizzard lyrics - Honk

The Blizzard lyrics

The Blizzard

The sun is cold and watery.
The ponds are deeply frozen.
Of all the times for traveling,
It's not one we'd have chosen.

The sky is grey and menacing.
A blizzard would seem certain.
Even good King Wenceslas
Would not draw back his curtain.


The weather's turned out nice again
But sadly for our hero,
The wind chill factor tends to keep
The temperature sub-zero.

The biting cold,
The swirling snow,
It's hard tp catch a breath
And though we hate to say the word,
They're facing certain-
Facing certain-
Facing certain-

The wind has blown the snow in drifts,
To beautiful for words.
It my look good for Christmas cards
But not for cats and birds.

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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