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The Collage lyrics

The Collage

As a drake my mistake was letting her go searching for my son and at one its not right
I`ve spent weeks filling beaks hearing daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
I`m depressed round the nest day and night

When Ida said she?d go, I had to let her,
ashamed because this apron suits her better

Where`s the joy in motherhood,
an endless round of chores that have to be done
And when you think you?ve seen the back of them,
you?ll find in actual fact you?re back at square one

There?s no joy in motherhood or if there is its something I just cant see
Yet Ida seems to cope with all of this,
and then on top of that she puts up with me

Duckling: (spoken) Daddy!
Drake: (spoken) Now what!

I will search every pond I will search every stream, every river
And the broadest of bays and the widest of lakes must be crossed
While you are missing from my life, its me who feeling lost, without I feel I lost

Look at her it?s a shame that she wont face the fact
Look at her can?t she see the way the odds are stacked

Turkey: (spoken)
Have you heard anything from Ida yet?

Drake: (spoken)
Aye, the pigeon delivered the note this morning, it just says,
I?m here Pratts Bottom, I don?t know whether
that?s a place or if she?s just being offensive

Look at her nothing shakes her from her strong belief
Solo: Look at her????????????..................nothing shakes her strong belief
Chorus: Look at her it so hard to come to terms with grief
Solo: Look at her????????????....grief

Ida: (spoken)
And he?s about so high with a rather characteristic honk

Greylag: (spoken)
Sounds like that squaddy who shot through a while ago I say he shot through,
it was us who were shot through practically brought about our Trafalgar, wot

Dot: (spoken)
I think you mean Waterloo dear

Greylag: (spoken) Do I dear?

Look at her so convinced that she is getting near
Solo: Look at her???????????? convinced she?s getting near
Chorus: Look at her she may be a little late we fear
Solo: Loot at her????????????...she?s a little late we fear

Lowbutt: (spoken)
But how do we know you?re not a cat
Ida: (spoken) I beg your pardon

Lowbutt: (spoken)
Well the last duck who came by here turned out to be a tom cat,
one of those nasty transfeatherites
Queenie: (spoken) Did somebody say tom cat?

As each season slips away, sadly there?s a trend
Common sense would seem to say
There?s no happy end

Ida: (spoken) And he was last seen heading in the direction of Moorland Farm
Cat: (spoken) I say that?s north of here isn?t it
Ida: (spoken) Yes
Cat: (spoken) How very interesting
Ida: (spoken) You!
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