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Together lyrics


Cat: Madam I would be honoured, though I?m not of your ilk
If we could get together maybe share a dish of milk

Queenie: Sir I?d be delighted though it?s true you?re a scruff
But when one?s had things easy, one likes a bit of rough

Lowbutt: Queenie you loose cat!

Cat: Together on the tiles we will totter
Together we will sit on garden walls
Together we will make tin roofs seem hotter

Lowbutt: Together you?ll be throwing up fur balls

Queenie: Together we will build ourselves a cat flap
Together after dark we?ll file in

Both: Together we will snuggle for a cat nap

Lowbutt: Together you could string a violin

Have you forgotten dear, the clinic has confirmed
That they can fit you in you need to be de-wormed
And with your last attack you almost filled a sack
So maybe you should go

Its only fair to say that she is rather prone
To carry parasites, her fur is not her own
And on the hygiene front to be both frank and blunt
It?s better you don?t know

All thought I don?t wish to gripe I don?t think she?d be your type

Queenie and Cat: Together we will sing our own cats chorus
Together we will choose our favourite key
Together we will conquer all before us

Lowbutt: Together you could retard her fleas

You have to help me out
Its looking pretty grim
What would become of me if she should go with him
She?s gone all gooey eyed and I am terrified she?ll leave me on the shelf

(spoken) Go on then run!

(sung) Oh dear alas, alack the door was left ajar
The duckling has escaped he can?t have got that far
If you start making tracks you?re bound to hear his quacks

And catch him for yourself
Don?t let us delay your trip, he?ll soon be within your grip


Queenie: (spoken)
Oh! Oh no, don?t leave me,
forget the duckling we could open a can of something?
Lowbutt: (spoken) There, there dear he was never worth it

(sung) Together we can overcome this heartache
Together we?ve the strength to see it through
Both: Together as if nothing really happened
Together we will st-a-a-ay
Together we will st-a-a-ay
Together we will stay as me and you
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