Honk synopsis

Honk synopsis

Honk Synopsis - Broadway musical

Spring finally comes. Drake & Ida are waiting for the eggs to hatch. Among them, there is one unusual – very big egg, which seems to be a turkey’s one. All eggs have hatched except for the fifth one. While Drake is going to teach his kids to swim, Ida stays & waits for her last child.

Ugly finally appears. The mother's shocked, but happy it isn't a turkey at least. She starts teaching him to swim & finds out his extreme talent. When the father returns back, everyone begins laughing at an ugly kid. Since that time, he understands he is completely different from others. Only the Cat agrees to be his friend. Ugly's very happy with this. However, he does not understand, the Cat wants to eat him. The mother does not pay attention to him. So he goes away with his new companion. When the female finds out that one of her children's missing, everyone starts looking for him.

Children, who are playing the ball, occasionally through it into the window. That's why the Cat falls into the pot. It makes Ugly think his new friend is hiding. He begins searching for the place of his own. Thus, he gets lost. Meanwhile, nobody is able to find Ugly & everyone's very upset. Ida gives an interview for Jay Bird. The mother cannot believe he's dead. Therefore, she continues the searches.

Ugly meets military geese, who decide to help him to find his home. The Cat proposes to help, hoping to finally eat Ugly. Ugly understands that his so-called friend is just a liar.

Ugly continues his way & comes into a house, where he finds a domestic cat & a chicken. They laugh at him. However, after turning on a TV, all three characters see Ida’s interview about her missing kid. Ugly says, she's his mom & the cat dials the number on a screen. Then the Cat appears. He looks the same as Drake. However, Ugly understands, who he really is. Two cats fall in love. The chicken helps Ugly to run away.

Ducklings' father is going through hard times with his teenagers, while the mother keeps looking for the lost son. At the same time, Ugly meets a swan, who understands he's a swan too. She offers him to fly away together. He falls in love with her. But he refuses to fly & thinks she cannot love anyone like him. Then, he meets a Bullfrog, who tells him that ugliness is just a matter of taste & nothing else. The Farmer catches Ugly, but the Cat appears & proposes a deal. He will show the way back home, but Ugly must be his meal. Ugly agrees. Both of the get into the blizzard. The mother notices it & thinks her kid is dead. The swan with her family comes to help Ida. When Ugly wakes up, he understands, who he really is. Then he reunites with his mom. Ugly & the swan confess their love. The family of swans invites him to know more about their life. But he finally decides to stay with his mother & the beloved one. Ugly frees the Cat. When he sees, who Ugly is, he runs away in defeat. In the end, everyone loves Ugly & asks to forgive them, which he does.
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