Different lyrics - Honk

Different lyrics


Ugly: If they knew, just how dearly I would love to qu- HONK!
But it's true, I'm just a bird who seems to lack the knack

I'm just different
I'm just different from the rest
And who can blame them wanting me to find another nest?
But different isn't naughty
Different isn't bad
So why should being different make me sad?

I'm just different
They're like peas from the same pod
No wonder they make fun of me
Life's harder when you're odd.
But, different isn't scary
Different is no threat,
And though I'm still their brother,
They forget

I didn't choose to look this way
I didn't want to be unique
I don't like these grubby feathers
And I hate my stubby beak!
There's a runt in every litter,
One black sheep in every flock,
But when you know it's you somehow your ego takes a knock.

I'm just different,
But I have a sense of pride.
My looks may, well, be funny
But I hurt the same inside.
Different isn't spiteful,
Different isn't wrong!
So, why is it so hard to get along?
I only want to get along!

Different isn't hateful,
Different could be swell.
Different, is just...
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