Never Shut Up Again lyrics - Heathers

Never Shut Up Again lyrics

Never Shut Up Again

[HEATHER DUKE, spoken]
No, Veronica! You shut up!

Hey! That's Heather’s scrunchie!

[HEATHER DUKE, spoken]
Ha ha ha ha ha! Not anymore

Heather choked
Bought the farm
She could not hack it
Now we need a strong arm
To run this racket

Heather's out
Who will rise?
Gotta fill that vacuum
It's my turn
It’s my prize
I spit lightning
Crack, boom!

I bit my tongue so long
I learned to count to ten
My silence made me strong
I did my time and then
A house dropped on her head
The witch is dead! Ding dong!
Move bitch, this my song!

I will never shut up again
I will never shut up again
Brand new day watching dreams come true
Well for me, not you
Cause I'll never shut up again

Girls like me don't climb high
Can't crack that ceiling
But now I scrape the sky
It's you who's kneeling
Heather's pet, you're old news
Look at you, you’re busted
You think you’ll fill her shoes
Too late I just did

Now I don't mean to brag
Once I was one of you
But now I am the flag
You pledge allegiance to
I am the dream you chase
I’m your amazing grace
Yo, party's at my place!

I will never shut up again
I will never shut up again
Brand new day
Now we're finally free
Free to worship me
'Cause I’ll never shut up-
Shut up!

Don't judge me
Little Miss innocence
Your hands ain't clean
I've seen your fingerprints
You act so uptight
So virgin white
But I heard from the boys
What you were up to last night

[KURT, spoken]
Veronica's my wet dream

[RAM, spoken]
Veronica likes to scream

[KURT, spoken]
Veronica took one for the team

[RAM, spoken]
She took two for the team

[VERONICA, spoken]

That girl was on her back
That girl was big fun, big fun
We smoked her crack
That crack was big fun
And that's when things went South
We had a swordfight in her mouth

Dang diggity dang-a-dang
Dang diggity dang-a-dang
Dang diggity dang-a-dang
Swordfight in her mouth! Ha!

I will never shut up again!
I will never shut up again!
I'm on fire and you're my fuel
You should find a new school
'Cause I'll never shut up again! (Never shut up again)

No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No! (Never shut up again)

All hail the queen
I wear the red (Never shut up again)
The scrunchie's on my head
You can't run
You can't hide
I am a crimson tide (Never shut up again)
You better mind what you do
Big sister's watching you (Never shut up again)
Can I get an amen? (HEY!)
'Cause I will never shut up again (Never shut up again)
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