Fight for Me lyrics - Heathers

Fight for Me lyrics

Fight for Me

(Throughout the song J.D. kicks Ram and Kurt's asses as the shocked students look on. Everyone moves in stylized slow-motion except for Veronica, who moves normally)

Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit!

Why when you see boys fight,
does it look so horrible, yet...
Feel so right?
I shouldn't watch this crap,
that's not who I am.
But with this kid...
Mr. No-name kid,
say who might you be?
And could you fight for me?
And hey,
could you face the crowd,
could you be seen with me
and still act proud?
would you hold my hand?
And could you carry me
through no-man's-land?
It's fine if you don't agree,
but I would fight for you...
if you would fight for me.
Let them drive us underground.
I don't care how far.
You can set my broken bones
and I know CPR.
... Well, woah.
You can punch real good.
You've lasted longer
than I thought you would.
So hey,
Mr. No-Name kid,
if some night you're free...

Holy shit... (x9)

Wanna fight for me?...
If you're
still alive...
I would fight
for you...
If you would fight
for me.
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